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How it Works

  • Submit a quote below to begin the design process. 

  • One of our fabricators will set up a time to contact you and help design a carbon fiber part that exceeds your wildest imagination.

  • Parts can either be made by overlaying and existing part or creating an original part from scratch. 

  • Chose from over 80 different carbon fiber weaves and a wide range of customizable options. 

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Step 1

A custom design plan is created 

Do not send children or significant others

  • All new orders are only started on the 1st day of every month to ensure smooth and high quality work flow. 

  • Overlay lead time is typically between 4-6 weeks and is a lower cost but is limited to a single part. 

  • Original part lead times range from 2-3 months and have a higher up front cost but can produce anywhere from 5-30 identical parts from the same mold depending on the complexity of the part.

  • All parts are designed with perfect OEM fitment in mind.

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Step 2

Carbon fiber magic is performed

There's nothing that carbon fiber won't make cooler.

  • Upon completion of a project, you will receive HD photos to ensure everything is satisfactory before shipping. 

  • If a core part was supplied, you will get a return label which will be deducted from the core refund. 

  • Competitive shipping services are available world wide. 

  • Installation service is available for local Las Vegas customers.

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Step 3

Your belongings are returned as one of a kind

We are now one step closer to covering the world in carbon fiber.

  • This awesome perk is only available for existing customers. 

  • Every customer gets to choose their own (PG-13) 5-15 digit alphanumeric coupon code that they can use to refer their friends and family and easily track them. 

  • Any new customer who enters a valid coupon code will receive an instant 10% off their order. 

  • The originator of that coupon code will be credited 10% of the order they referred as a store credit which can be saved or used at any time. 

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Step 4

Get paid to share it with all your friends

We'll give you 10% store credit of every order referred by you and your referral gets a 10% discount

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